Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows For the Buffalo, NY Area

If you’ve ever had a broken window in your home or on your commercial property, you know how time sensitive these repairs can be. You simply cannot postpone having a new replacement window installed because broken glass or a malfunctioning lock on a window can be a breach of security that you cannot afford to have.

Replacement windows are the right solution for a broken or damaged window, or if you're looking to upgrade your existing windows with a new look. Allow our team at Miris Building Supply of Buffalo, NY to fit your home with a great looking, energy efficient solution. We carry replacement windows in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any home or business.

MI Windows are a 3.5'' frame with a 2'' foam wrap. Also, MI Windows could be suitable for your new construction project with a nailing fin and J Channel. We can special order anything you need or want and you will receive your replacement windows within 10-14 days.

Ask us about our Life Time Warranty Windows! You will never need to buy more replacement windows!

In Stock Replacement Double Hung Windows
(Windows include 1/2" screen, Low E Argon insulated glass)

MI Double Hung Windows
W x H Rough Opening
24" x 30" $118.99
24" x 36" $123.99
24" x 42" $127.99
24" x 48" $135.99
24" x 54" $141.99
28" x 30" $125.99
28" x 36" $130.00
28" x 42" $135.99
28" x 46" $141.99
28" x 48" $142.99
28" x 54" $149.99
28" x 60 1/4" $154.99
30" x 30" $127.99
30" x 36" $132.99
30" x 42" $136.99
30" x 46" $142.99
30" x 48" $144.99
30" x 54" $153.99
30" x 60 1/4" $161.99
32" x 36" $137.99
32" x 42" $141.99
32" x 46" $149.99
32" x 48" $150.00
32" x 54" $157.99
32" x 60 1/4" $162.99
36 1/4" x 36" $144.99
36 1/4" x 42" $149.99
36 1/4" x 46" $156.99
36 1/4" x 48" $158.99
36 1/4" x 54" $166.99
36 1/4" x 60 1/4" Egress $179.99
40" x 42" $157.99
40" x 48" $166.99
40" x 54" $174.99
40" x 60" $179.99
Awning / Casment Windows MI
28 1/2" x 48 1/2" Single Casn $229.99
30" x 24" $229.99
36" x 24" $239.99
Note : Prices shown are determined by Miris Building Supply.

Beautiful & Affordable Replacement Windows

When you go to a store to find replacement windows, do you feel confident you’re choosing the right model? Do you feel that you’re getting the best value?

If you have ever doubted yourself when purchasing building materials, it is time for a change. Let the experts at Miris Building Supply help you choose the replacement windows that will work seamlessly with your existing home and frame. We have more than 40 years of experience to help you choose the most energy-efficient and durable window materials that will work in conjunction with your particular property and building structure.

If you want to discuss your unique replacement window needs, please give our knowledgeable staff a call at 716-250-9457 so we can get started on helping you.

1556 Vinyl Double-Hung Window

The 1556 vinyl double-hung new construction window offers crafted features that provide exceptional durability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. Featuring a stylish beveled exterior profile, true-sloped sill, and tilt-in sashes, the 1556 is an aesthetically pleasing window that offers enhanced curb appeal for any newly built home.

• Warm-edge spacer system maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of insulated glass units
• Interlocking sashes help reduce air infiltration
• Metal-reinforced meeting rail delivers strength and durability
• Dual, tilt-in sashes enhance functionality and simplify cleaning and maintenance
• True sloping sill optimizes water drainage and eliminates unsightly weep holes
• Inverted-coil balances with detent clip prevent sash from drifting, and provide smoother operation and lower operating force
Designed smarter, from the inside out
• 3 1/4" frame depth
• 3/4" insulated glass
• Multi-chambered construction
• Wood extension jambs available for 4 9/16”, 6 9/16”, and 7 9/16" wall depths

The 1556 features the following design details on every window:
• Beveled exterior profile
• Surface-mounted locks
• Tilt-in sashes

• Roll-form full screen allows fresh air in, and keeps pests out
• Optional tempered glass is four times stronger than non-tempered glass and safer if broken
• Optional obscure glass allows light in while protecting privacy
• Optional Window Operating Control Device (WOCD) restricts sash opening and reduces the risk of accidental falls
MINIMUM & MAXIMUM (available in 1/4" increments)
• 15"–48" wide × 28"–80" high
• 48 1/8"–52 1/2" wide × 24 ½"–60" high

• Color-matched

• 5/8" flat grids-between-the-glass
• 7/8" flat grids-between-the-glass
• 11/16" sculptured grids-between-the-glass
• 15/16" sculptured grids-between-the-glass
• 1" simulated divided light
We sell New Construction Windows
Our dual-pane insulated glass package options help save on heating and cooling costs while enhancing home comfort
In cool weather, insulated glass provides outstanding thermal performance to keep interior glass surfaces closer to room temperature, eliminating cold spots near windows
In warm weather, it helps reduce solar heat gain and minimize glare to improve interior comfort
• Able to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements in all four climate zones
Low-E glass 0.31 0.27 28
Low-E glass with grids 0.31 0.25 28
Argon and Low-E glass 0.28 0.27 28
Argon and Low-E glass with grids 0.28 0.24 28
Argon and Low-E DSB glass 0.28 0.27 30
Argon and Low-E DSB glass with grids 0.28 0.24 30
HP Low-E DSB glass 0.31 0.21 30
HP Low-E DSB glass with grids 0.31 0.19 30
Argon and HP Low-E DSB glass 0.27 0.21 30
Argon and HP Low-E DSB glass with grids 0.27 0.19 30
Note: all values based on standard 3/4" dual-pane IGU unless noted otherwise
* Exterior paint available with 11/16" sculptured grids only

Benefits of Replacement Windows

There are many benefits to be gained from replacing the windows in your home or commercial property with new, more efficient models. Chief among these is the potential to save money in the long run on energy costs. Superior windows can more easily regulate internal building temperatures, meaning your home or business will lose less warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. This will help reduce your heating and cooling expenses, and may allow you to take advantage a less intensive HVAC unit, thereby saving you money on equipment maintenance as well. And don't forget to look into whether your replacement window purchase is eligible for a consumer energy efficiency tax credit!

Our replacement windows also offer reduced condensation, reduced fading from sunlight, improved lighting, clearer views, improved comfort, and other high performance qualities. Contact us today to enjoy the many benefits that replacement windows can have on your life!
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