In the beginning, there was stone – beautiful, but bulky, heavy, expensive and difficult to work with. Then came stone veneer – also good looking and while easier to work with than boulders, still bulky, heavy, expensive and limited in terms of its workability.

Then came TandoStone:

• Lighter and more workable than stone and stone veneer.
• Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel that is “as real as it gets.”
• Provides pro-installers with a platform to deliver creative and visually arresting exteriors using conventional tools.
• Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability that enhances longevity and brilliance.
• Quick and easy one-person installation.
• Eco-friendly; consumes less fuel for shipping while
accruing less installation waste.

Foundry Specialty Siding

Wood siding and stone have always been about looks. Vinyl siding has always been about durability. Foundry brings the best of both together with our specialty siding shake, shingle and stone. The beauty of wood and stone and the strength of vinyl that's easy to install.

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